Finch Legacy

Harold & Peggy Finch

I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents who have played a phenomenal role in my success as a travel consultant, ministering to those who travel the world to spread the Gospel. Success as the world defines it is by financial and earthly desires but Mom & Dad have always lived their lives here with their friends and family just like an exciting travel adventure...after all, we have a purpose and we are all going somewhere...the architect of the Universe didn't build a stairway to nowhere!  They constantly demonstrate exceptional roles in the lives of their 3 children and our families--a testimony to the Greatest Teacher of All, Jesus Christ.  

While in the prime of their lives, Dad and Mom sold their business to devote the last third of their lives to public service. They also established their faith-based Wellspring Foundation that sponsored 1,200 people to carry the Gospel to third world countries, working in orphanages, distributing food and clothing, and demonstrating their faith to others. It is these personal achievements that have inspired me to also serve others, not only with earthly success in many areas of life, but continuing to inspire others to reach for heavenly success.   

​We are forever grateful for our parents in their involvement in their children's, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren's lives. Their personal achievements, combining their extraordinary triumphs with unending love for others, I know have made me who I am today and I am proud to carry on the torch of the huge legacy they have built. I love you!