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Isle Travel was born in 2002 out of a love for people going on church mission trips. Having worked for an airline in the 80's and after completing his first mission trip to India in 1989, Mark Finch decided to start a business as an extension of that love for both. At Isle Travel we understand the Great Commission and the process of getting the volunteer to the field, minimizing the struggles of dealing with the travel aspect of your trip. With our unique relationships with many of the major airline carriers of the world, we are able to provide you with such important services as: possible extended purchasing windows, flexible cancellation and change fees, additional baggage allowances, advanced reserved seating and deep discounts on one-way tickets. In addition, it is our goal to provide: read more

I just wanted to let you know we had a great cruise. Thank you for all your help in setting it up for us. Timing couldn’t have been better as we missed the record-setting cold weather here. Even though the weather was a little cool in Key West, it was far from cold (in the hi 60s).

Ellen and I had a wonderful time of rest and relaxation and now we’re ready to face the rat race.

Thank you again!

Doug and Ellen from FL

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